EZ Grip ULTRA PVC Joint Restraint

SIP has taken the PVC pipe wedge restraint concept to new heights with the EZ Grip ULTRA PVC Restraint. With the ever-increasing use of PVC pipe in the industry there needed to be design improvements for more reliable PVC restraints. Engineers at SIP have created a new design using the latest technology that has addressed several issues with the older design of PVC wedge style restraints.

  • First, the gluing in of the wedges has caused issues with them falling out in transit or glue getting between the wedge and pipe and reducing the effectiveness of the restraint. By changing the design to a mechanically threaded connection for the wedges eliminates these problems. While enhancing the seating movement and still allowing for deflection.
  • Second, the engineers also changed the way the wedge contact the pipe. By designing the wedges so a greater pipe surface area is covered it has reduced the number of wedges and increased the pressure rating of the restraint.
  • Another enhancement was the design that allows the restraint to work on both IPS and DI OD PVC pipe without having to remove a washer. One less thing that can go wrong.

The biggest advantage is the labor savings on installation and handling. All these enhancements have made us very proud and allowed us to have achieved the highest listed pressure ratings in the industry.

With all these improvements and our supply chain model making availability another nonissue, the EZ Grip ULTRA is the ideal choice for your PVC pipe restraint needs.

The product is EZ’ier to install and handle making it the new normal!!