At SIP, we are committed to holding ourselves accountable to our corporate responsibility in all facets of our business operations.

We are proud to be a part of the waterworks industry, which is essential to building sound clean water and wastewater infrastructures. We acknowledge the clean water scarcity that endangers the health of several under-privilege communities. We are helping address these water needs by donating our products to support clean water facilities. We have donated our products for drinking water wells and water pipelines in Guatemala, Honduras, Bolivia, Kenya, and more. We continue to make these contributions at every opportunity.

Our manufacturing facilities in India and China are certified under the ISO 14000 family of standards. Accordingly, we operate under the highest standards of sustainable practices. Keeping future generations in minds, being environmentally conscious is one of our highest priorities. We are intentional about minimizing packaging material in the delivery of our products. We use energy efficient lighting in all our facilities and adhere to strict guidelines for environmentally conscious designs to minimize our carbon footprint.

We deeply care for the health and safety of our employees. To ensure their safety, we provide and require the completion of a comprehensive safety audit and training program. Additionally, to ensure a healthy work environment, we regularly monitor the air quality in all our facilities.

As a private organization, we acknowledge our duty to support our local communities. We have been contributing to the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center, we hope to pay our part in the fight against cancer. As a US based company, we are grateful to our veterans; as a symbol of our gratitude, we contribute to Folds of Honor, an organization devoted to providing educational scholarships to spouse and children of America’s fallen and disable service-members. Additionally, we contribute to Ekal Vidyalaya, a non-profit organization with a mission to bring basic education to every child across rural India.