The history of Serampore Industries starts with Lala Rangilal who was born in a small village (Narella) just outside of Delhi, India. Post-independence, when India was taking its initial steps towards growth, Lala Rangilal believed that national resurgence was possible through the path of quality and economical industrialization. This belief and the power of his education motivated him to set up a cast iron manufacturing unit.

  • 1960


    Lala Rangilal laid the foundation for Serampore Industries in a small town (Serampore) on the outskirts of Calcutta, India, where he set up a cast-iron manufacturing unit and began manufacturing cast iron weights and pots & pans.

  • 1966

    Seeing the need for economical and quality castings Serampore Industries got registered with the Government of India as an exporter. Serampore began exporting internationally to Southeast Asian countries beginning with the first order from Japan for cast iron plumbing parts and flanges.



  • 1975


    With a strong determination to go global as a true industrialist with a proven track record, the company began exporting to the Middle East and Africa followed by Europe.

  • 1977

    Continuing to provide reliable and quality castings Serampore expanded to the largest economy, the United States with municipal castings. The company received its first export order for cast iron valve boxes and municipal castings from US Foundry & Manufacturing Corp.



  • 1980


    Having strong customer relationships it was determined that timely delivery was a concern. The company took this to heart and focused on the supply chain side of the business. It turned out to be what the industry needed as Lala Rangilal wrote in a well-received article in the Indian Engineering Export Promotional Council publication.

  • 1992

    Serampore was one of the few experienced manufacturer and exporter of quality iron products with a global footprint. With this experience at hand Serampore was one of the first to establish a relationship in China for manufacturing iron castings for the global markets while still maintaining quality and reliability for timely deliveries.



  • 1999


    Holding the same values and principles, Serampore Industries became SIP Industries and headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company focused on engineering and new designs of casting for waterworks distribution products and OEM companies.

  • 2010

    While celebrating 50 years of service SIP entered the utility joint restraint market with innovative designs and enhancements.



  • 2014


    To better serve its loyal customers, SIP created coast to coast distribution. SIP now had facilities in Atlanta, GA for the east, Fontana, CA for the west and had the ever-expanding Houston facility for coatings, linings, and machining.

  • 2017

    SIP moved its office headquarters in Houston to accommodate its increasing sales service, engineering, and accounting staff.