SIP values quality and has set the standard for manufacturing, engineering, and innovation to better serve our customers and industry. Innovative solutions to manufacturing and industry problems demonstrated SIP’s commitment to quality for an enhanced customer experience. Examples are in-house capabilities of linings, coatings and special machining at our distribution facility which meant monitored quality and faster turnarounds.


A proven supply chain has been the cornerstone for SIP by providing fare prices in good and uncertain times. Being a generational family owned company has allowed SIP to stay nimble to keep costs down and pass savings on to customers. SIP’s use of new manufacturing and design technologies has allowed us to keep many of the large product offering and customized products affordable to the marketplace.


SIP is trusted by its customers because of its experienced and knowledgeable people in the industry. The early understanding of timely deliveries created a supply chain that has been a proven reliability for the industry. Customers have come to trust SIP for innovative and value-added solutions to industry problems.


Through our experienced and knowledgeable people we create a culture of relationships and service to our loyal customers. Customers are treated like family and we take great pride in helping them with their needs and special applications. Our designs and ability to customize products to meet customer needs on a timely and consistent basis is a culture that fosters lasting relationships and superior customer service.